【LMS 職業聯賽】LMS 聚光燈:2016 春季賽第 8 週

I.戰況分析 Standings

LMS 是以 BO2(兩局積分制) 為常規賽制,獲勝取得 3 分,平局取得 1 分,敗局則是 0 分。
Regular season in LMS is played in BO2s, Winners are awarded 3pts, Draws 1pts, and Losses 0pts.

第八週的四天賽程,各方爭戰為了就是一席季後賽資格,可惜的是沒有一隊最終能改變排名。HKE Machi 兩隊雖然各自擊敗 CGE,但同時也輸掉剩下比賽錯失近在咫尺的良機,MSE XG 另一方面也只能以平局收手。兩場較為突出的賽事則是 Machi vs. 閃電狼和 TPA vs. ahq Game 1,排名較低的兩隊把聯盟 1名逼到極限,Machi 深入到一座兵營,BeBe 甚至只差幾下普攻就能推翻 ahq 王位。即將到來的最後一週,僅存戰隊各面臨 4 場賽事以及 5 場加賽的可能,看來各位召喚師要等到最終大結局才能知道花落誰家了。

Week 8 was crunch time as the teams jockeyed for playoff positioning in a four day affair.  Unfortunately nobody really made much headway. Machi and HKE both missed potential upsets while beating up CGE. MSE and XG tied their series in two rather sloppy games. Two standout games this week were G1 between Machi and Flash Wolves and G1 between TPA and ahq. Though the two lower seeds didn’t manage to win, and seemed tired in their second attempt, they pushed the league's top dogs to their absolute limits. Machi was up an inhibitor and BeBe a few autos away from dethroning ahq. Everything comes down to the last and final Week 9. With 5 possible tie-breakers and 4 games apiece for everyone to go a pitched battle is about to begin!


II. 趨勢分析Meta Watch

法師道具稍稍的經過 buff 之後,久違的阿祈爾這幾週再度現身,但面對如勒布朗和劫這類刺客角依然不輕鬆。蘇瑞瑪砂皇本週每分鐘平均對敵方英雄造成 744 傷害,就連西門都選了祂,雖然操作不能說傑出,但還是提供了水準以上的傷害。阿祈爾的 71k 傷害也是本季單場對敵方英雄的最高數值,可見砂皇目前是傷害輸出的首選角。

Azir has been making a comeback in the recent weeks after mage items were given a little boost. While he still has difficulties against assassins like LeBlanc and Zed, you should take no substitutes when you need damage in your compositions. The Emperor dominated the offense dealing 744 dmg a minute to champions in week 8.  Even Westdoor picked him up. It would be a stretch to say that Westdoor’s Azir was impressive, but he did get the basics down by providing the damage. His 71K was the most damage dealt to champions in a single game this season.

“蘇瑞瑪的子民們,阿祈爾之名再次響徹天際” 阿祈爾 – 蘇瑞瑪砂皇
“Shurima, your emperor has returned!” - Azir, the Emperor of the Sands



小安貴為 LMS 聯賽首位使用燼的選手值得被讚賞,從戰況看來 MSE 對於如何對付炫技大師完全摸不著頭緒,ㄧ來算不準燼射了幾發子彈,二來不清楚致命伏筆(W)到底會不會貫穿英雄,而五人排排站來保護 CorGi僅對第一位英雄造成傷害,愛心小提醒,燼是開四槍不是三槍喔!

AN deserves a special mention for being the first player in the LMS to pick up the Virtuoso. The lack of familiarity really showed on MSE’s side as they either forgot to count shots, or hilariously lined up as five to protect CorGi, only to have him dash away as they really weren’t sure if Deadly Flourish penetrates champions(stops at the first enemy champion hit). Friendly reminder, Jhin fires four shots! Not three!

“唉那個…你們可以讓開了” MSE CorGi – 設計對白
“Guys, you can back now.” - MSE CorGi, imagined dialogue


SpeaR 曾是全球 5 大聯盟中,首位在本賽季選用史瓦妮的選手,他早在 6.05 版本 buff 之前就騎著豬逛峽谷、殺野怪。配裝方面,他選擇偃月附魔、日炎斗篷以及深淵權杖,成為一隻噴冰吐火的可怕野豬。如果要說什麼能讓 CGE 獲得本季首勝,我想就是 SpeaR 的臨冬之怒吧。

SpeaR has been the first professional player to pick Sejuani this split out of the five major leagues. Even before the recent buffs in 6.05, he could be seen riding Bristle, bashing monsters on the rift. Unlike most Sejuani’s, SpeaR favors the war path. Item build wise, he goes for Echo enchant coupled into Sunfire and Abyssal a flaming, frost breathing war-hog. If there is a champion that will deliver CGE’s first win of the split, my bets would be on the Winter’s Wrath.


III. 每週 MVP Player of the Week

挾著 DPM(448)、GPM(393.3)、KDA(7.77)的三項超高數據, Ziv 本週再度成為全聯盟頂尖上路選手,除了戰隊獲勝令人激賞之外,他更是一位有效率的選手,LMS 上路中,獲得每金錢單位造成傷害排名第一,LMS 中只有 TPA Morning CS 平均差異數和經濟領先數據上勝過 ZivZiv 不只是在對線時用操作取勝,同時也努力的打出戰術 play,本週的兩場系列賽都由 Ziv 波比打出關鍵 play 來終結對方。一次是在 MSE 巴龍會戰時趁勝追擊,另一次是把 BeBe 撞在牆上後三連殺,Ziv 毫無疑問的是 ahq 建立王朝的ㄧ大戰將。

Ziv, has once again, been the LMS’ premier top laner, Ziv leads all starting top laners in DPM(448), GPM(393.3), KDA(7.77). What’s even more impressive is that Ziv is doing this based off of efficiency, not just his team winning. He ranks 1st in top laners in damage dealt per unit of gold(1.24), and is only beaten out in early game CSD/GD stats by TPA’s Morning. When Ziv isn’t passively winning the game through better laning mechanics, he’s hard carrying with plays. Both games ahq series featured game ending engages from Ziv’s Poppy, once catching out MSE backing after a Baron, and one more time when he smashed BeBe into a wall on his way to a triple kill. Ziv is the rock that ahq will build their dynasty upon.

“I think my Azir is better than both Westdoor and Chawy,
we actually considered letting someone else play top.”

“Please remain calm, your team still needs you.”
-ahq Ziv in post-game interview

-ahq Ziv

IV. 每週最精彩 Game of the Week

TPA vs. AHQ Game 1

這場比賽無庸置疑是本季最精彩的ㄧ戰,FoFo 在前期幾乎能完全用勒布朗壓制 Chawy,甚至成功從野區牆面偷襲好幾次。關鍵轉折發生在 Ziv 成功拿下第五隻小龍,導致 Ziv 在巴龍會戰達成三連殺並結束這場比賽。FoFo、BeBe、Ziv 三人在這場賽事中展現優異的實力,忠心期待他們能在季後賽再度重逢。

Hands down the best game of the season so far. For most of the game FoFo kept Chawy on his toes with his LeBlanc, even sniping him over several jungle walls. The crucial moment came when Ziv was able to secure a 5th dragon under TPA’s nose, which then led to a triple kill in a Baron fight that ended the game. FoFo, BeBe and Ziv all had stellar performances. Hopefully they will have a chance to meet in the playoffs.

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